About Us

Our team is from Ukraine. We are engaged in the creation and promotion of various Internet projects in several countries. Part of our work is aimed at automating the workflow for monitoring websites and PBN, as well as their promotion, team management, traffic distribution, its accounting and data processing. We turn the routine execution of tasks into a fully automatic mode, which greatly helps to save money, resources and time.

Who needs it and why?

In order to increase the efficiency of website promotion, control performers and effectively use the promotion budget, we have created a private tool for our needs for monitoring pages and / or PBNs on which we publish guest posts and put backlinks, redirects.

The tool has significantly reduced the time for checking links, which was previously done manually. At the first check, we found about 23% of lost pages (the total cost of which is about $2500), as well as 18% of pages with the meta noindex/nofollow tag.

We contacted the webmasters who hosted the publications and demanded either to restore the original publishing parameters or return the funds spent. 85% of webmasters restored publications and page parameters, another 10% returned the funds, for the remaining 5% we opened a dispute in PayPal and also returned the money.

Over time, among our friends, colleagues and partners, the tool began to be popular and we began to expand it. As a result, it was decided to give the tool the name HyperChecker and make it available to everyone.