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When you build an SEO strategy based on a number of backlinks, it is vital to check how many external links are still active. The sad truth is that many webmasters delete 20% of anchors and domains referring a year after posting. If you do not plan on wasting the fifth part of your budget, you need to use a bulk backlinks checker tool.

How to use a bulk backlinks checker tool?

It is simple to use a backlinks analysis tool. First of all, you have to create a new project for your website. You can make a mass backlink check by adding the links to the project manually.

Why use a backlink analysis tool?

To keep abreast of all the changes in backlinks profiles and anchor texts. If you have to stay in touch with all data changes and get the best bulk backlink analysis, follow the instructions of a backlink analyzer.

What data do you get when you check backlinks in the tool

You will get two data groups of backlinks when you use a backlink profile checker by HyperChecker.

  • Backlink data

When a customer applies an online backlink research tool to the project, it will provide all the information on root domains and donor pages.  It is possible to receive the following information:

  • the number of pages that refer to a domain
  • the number of backlinks to the domain
  • the number of unique IP addresses referring to the domain
  • and many others
  • Anchor list data

The anchor is a clickable text with the link. When a customer applies a bulk backlink analysis checker, it is easy to get the following data about anchors:

  1. list of anchors were used in backlinks
  2. number and types of anchor text

Automatization of backlink checker in HyperChecker

When you use a bulk backlink research tool, it is easy to maintain it for automatic backlink checking. When you create a new link-building project, you can tune the auto backlink checking and monitoring for it, and get reports when you need them.

Backlinks report with HyperChecker

When you apply a bulk backlink checker by HyperChecker it provides all necessary reports to SEO masters either automatically.

About HyperChecker

The HyperChecker backlink research tool is an online platform created to assist in improving SEO services and increasing traffic to the website.

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