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Link builders, webmasters, and SEO professionals can put a number of links on the websites they monitor and administrate. They have to check the indexation status of the links, which may be hard if there are too many of them in the project. This is the reason to check the indexation by means like HyperChecker. Let’s consider how it works.

Why is indexing backlinks important in SEO?

Google index lists any pages on the web. To appear in the Google ranking the pages should get Google index status. Without indexation, the domain backlink will not be noticed by the Google search engine. And the website will not appear at the top positions in search. No indexation leads to no organic traffic to your website. In SEO practice it is essential to check the indexing of web pages using a bulk Google index checker, to get the maximum benefit from link-building.

How to use the bulk index checker tool

HyperChecker is easy to use, with a clear and simple interface. Create a new project for each website you plan to work with. Enter the URLs you have to check and press the Enter button to get the result of Google index checking. If you apply any backlink changes, make Google re-index these pages and check backlink indexation later. If any page of the website is closed from indexation, ask a webmaster to open it for indexation too. The HyperChecker also offers a backlink tracker to webmasters who want to track the backlinks they add to the pages.

Automatic backlinks indexing checking

It is possible to provide auto indexation checking as well. To check Google index status automatically, link builders have to admit this function in the project they create. They have to place the period of time and the project that demands Google index checking automatically.


The Bulk index checker offers comfortable functionality for link-building reports. After each checkout in a search engine, webmasters will get a report on obvious changes in backlink indexation.

About HyperChecker

The HyperChecker service is a Google index checker tool that offers fast and multiple checking of backlink indexation of your domain automatically. It will save time and effort for webmasters and SEO professionals to check link indexing of their projects in no time.